SUMMER SALES 2023: What trends and opportunities await you as a seller?

This year, the summer sales run from June 28 to July 25, 2023 and they can offer you many advantages. Do you doubt it? Discover the opportunities that await you by consulting the figures achieved during this period, in 2022, for French e-merchants.
Analysis of the 2022 summer sales in France reveals a significant growth of +17% during the sales week compared to the previous week, all categories combined on French marketplaces. From the first day of the sales, turnover increased by +21% for all sellers and all categories combined and as for the average basket, it increased by +16%. Here are the top 7: 1. Video games: +52% 2. Electronic products: +51% 3. Wine and gastronomy: +45% 4. Health and beauty: +41% 5. Sport and outdoors: +33% 6. Toys: +32% 7. Books: +17% The increase of sales was made on July 5, right in the middle of the sales period. That day, sales were +20% compared to the first day of sales.* In short, as you will have understood, sales can allow you to liquidate your stocks, and generate positive cash flow. You can also use this period to test new products or offer seasonal products at attractive prices to your customers. In addition, it is the best time to renew its stocks and increase its turnover! But be careful, if you buy from us, be aware that stocks are limited and good deals go quickly. So do not wait to look into the subject and prepare your stocks as soon as possible to be ready on D-Day. France Invendus is at your disposal to offer you the best deals at wholesale prices. Contact us! (*Source: For more details, you can consult the latest blog post on the Sellermania site)

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